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Custom Printed Compartment Plates

Compartment plates are well suited for any event that serves food because they are thicker and more durable than an ordinary paper plate which makes carrying food easier for patrons. By custom printing a compartment plate you will create an effective advertisement that is sure to get in front of event attendees. What more can a business ask for from an advertisement. Promotional compartment plates can be printed with any text or images that you need and can be printed in 1 to 4 colors.

When purchase custom printed compartment plates you are buying an environmentally friendly product. These plates are made with recycled fibers that will biodegrade in a matter of months. Another benefit of these plates over regular paper plates is they are microwave safe and cut resistant so there is no worry of knives going through the plate.

If you don't need imprinted compartment plates then you should know you can also buy the same compartment plates blank. Without custom printing plates are even cheaper and can be purchased at the quantity you need easily. To order blank compartment plates or have questions answered contact a customer service rep via email, online chat, or calling.

  • 10" Compartment Plate
    As low as $0.56 per plate

  • 10" Compartment Plate
    As low as $0.61 per plate

  • 10" Bulk Compartment Plate
    As low as $0.475 per plate